Unique owl wall decals

Wall decals can make a lot of difference to a room’s look. For example, in my article on owl bedding decor, I highlighted a case where a ceiling to follow decal makes the whole room feels ore 3D.  In this article, I am showcasing some pretty unique and interesting owl wall decal designs that you can consider for your own nursery room decor. The best thing I liked about them is that they are all pretty cheap to buy so it don’t set your budget back by a large amount.

Let’s see the designs.


Owl wall decal #1

owl wall decor 1

I like the retro and hand drawn feel of this particular brown and green owl wall decal.  It makes your whole wall feels like a story book and adds some enchanted feeling to the room.


Owl wall decal #2

owl wall decor 2

I liked the pink and green color scheme that this owl wall decal shows.  Against a dark background such as brown, it looks really outstanding, especially when matched against a pink or purple owl crib bedding.


Owl wall decal #3

owl wall decor 3

The color scheme just makes this owl image pop.  It is perfect for either a blue, green or purple background. It is not as cute but is suitable for a sophisticated decor.



Owl wall decal #4

owl wall decor 4

I liked the way the baby’s name is part of the owl decal. This innovative idea makes the whole room feels more personalized and adds a much needed personal touch to our decor.


Owl wall decal #5

owl wall decor 5

The idea of multiple tree trunks is a great idea.  The whole room seems to be transform into a mini forest, with plenty of owl in the room. A nice decor concept that you can take note of.


Owl wall decal #6

owl wall decor 6

I liked the innovative position where the owl decals are being plastered on the wall. They really look like they are perch on the white board covering the floor.


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