Owl nursery decor: 10 inspirational ideas for owl themed nursery

Looking for ideas on how to have an owl themed nursery? Here are ten ideas to get your started. Remember, every room and baby is unique and it is up to you to come up with something that is special for your baby. We are only here to provide some inspirations : ).

Owl themed nursery for baby boy

This beautiful and chic owl themed nursery is designed by Belinda which has her design studio called Nest Design Studio.  This design studio is based in Australia and specialized in nursery theme designs. The mixed of contemporary design with images of the owls created a nice decor theme that can fit in with any modern home.

Owl themed nursery for girls

If you are using the owl nursery theme for girls, then the color becomes important. In the example above, the designer uses pink which is more suitable for a girl’s room. The rest of the colors are also lighter to complement the pink color owl bedding.

Another idea for decorating a girl nursery using owls is to choose the lime green color as shown above.  The rest of the furnishings also matched the owl theme very well, with matching owl lamps as well as owl wall decals.

Owl nursery decals

A common theme running through these ideas is the use of owl wall decals. Even if the rest of the room does not have any owl images, using the wall decals will immediately convery the owl theme quite nicely. Above are some nice owl wall decals that you can consider.

Retro owl themed nursery

This is a great owl nursery idea, combining a retro feel with the owl theme. The use of the vibrant colors and the polka dot curtains is what gives the room the retro feel without going overboard.  This owl nursery decor is created by Rebecca from projectnursery.com.

More owl nursery decor ideas

Now that we have covered the more common owl nursery decor ideas, here are a few other inspirations that doesn’t fall into any pre defined category.

The above uses quite a number of owl nursery decor items including the owl bedding, the owl wall decals and even some owl toys that are displayed in the shelf. There is also excellent color matching, with orange being the primary vibrant color to complement the monochrome colors of black and white.

Designed by a couple called Geoff and Cami from Houston, it features very nice owl decor items including picture frames, owl bedding and a owl toy. The use of dark wood on white makes the entire decor theme cosy and warm.

This is a nice color combination of lime green and sky blue. These two colors are reflected in almost every part of the room, ranging from the blue colored wall to the green sofa. Even the curtains and the owl bedding have the same color tones. In terms of the owl theme, you can see them being used everywhere! From the sofa cushion to the toys hanging at the baby crib.


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