Owl gifts for the home that would not burst your budget

As I started to blog about owl home decor stuff, I realise there are more folks who love owl related accessories beside me. It is surprising that I constantly get emails on where to buy the stuff that I have profiled here in my blog. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the answers as I couldn’t find the manufacturer of the things that I have profiled.

In this article, I will only showcase stuff that you can buy from Amazon. In this way, you will have a surefire of getting the stuff that you have taken a fancy on.


Owl candle holder

owl candle holder

This is one of the more lovely owl accessories that I loved. On the first glance, I already know it would make a love gift for anyone who loves owl decor items. Best of all, this owl candle holder only costs $12 on Amazon so you don’t need to rob a bank to buy this.


Owl candles

owl candles

Complementing a candle holder is this cute set of owl candles. Costing less than $10, it is both affordable and yet presentable as owl gift for home.


Owl art piece

owl art piece

For home owners who love art, this owl gift is the perfect gift to send them. Featuring a retro looking owl art piece, it looks perfect as an ornament in an artist’s home.


Owl oven mitts

owl oven mitts

If the person who you are giving the gift to loves to cook and owls, this set of owl oven mitt will be great. It looks absolutely adorable and works very well as an oven mitt.


Owl mugs

owl mug

While coffee mugs are one of the most dreaded gifts that home owners do not want to receive, this owl mug might be just change their minds, especially if they love owl stuff. Perfect for both him and her, owl mugs is a great consideration.


Owl key chain

owl key holderAnother owl gift under $10 is this lovely owl key chain. It actually has a sound effect that goes hoot hoot. So cute! Anyone who loves owl will love this as a gift.


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