Owl bedding

If you are looking for owl bedding, this is the range of cute and affordable owl crib bedding for sale. Come and see my chosen picks of quality but cheap owl bedding.


Lamps & Ivy Owl Bedding Zutano Owl Bedding JoJo Owl Bedding

The main designer from these owl crib bedding is mostly from this company called Sweetjojo. It seems to be very specialised in making cute owl bedding that is perfect for your nursery decor. My own owl crib bedding set is purchased from them so I can recommend them wholeheartedly.

The material of the bedding is very soft. It wouldn’t irritate the skin of my baby girl as well. In fact, she likes to wrap herself in the owl blanket when she is sleeping inside the crib.

In terms of washing, I simply throw them into the washing machine and set on delicate wash. Once done, I will air them in my dryer, again on the gentle setting. There is no need to dry wash or hand wash any of these bedding so you wouldn’t have to worry about the cleaning aspect. The only thing you want to note is that on the first few washes, the colors might run mildly so it is best to wash them independently for the first few times.

I have used this bedding for a couple of months now so I have no issues with it so far.  There is no tears or weird smell coming from them even after repeated wash. The softness is still there a well so overall, the sweetjojo owl bedding is rather durable product that should last you during your child’s time in the crib.