How a dog ramp save our pet from a dangerous night of owl watching

It is no secret that my girl loves owls, which is why I started this blog in the first place. However, my girl has never watched a real owl in the wild before. Hence, I promised to bring her to a night of owl watching. It is fortunate that I have a place about an hour drive from my home that has owls.

Initially, my husband was going to go but he had a last minute business trip to attend to. Rather than disappointing my girl, I decided to proceed, along with our trusted family dog, a golden retriever.  I never thought it would be such a disastrous night for him!


Owl watching dangers!

Prior to the trip, I took all the precautions I could. Torch lights, survival knife, portable water etc were all packed and ready to go. The night started without any major hiccups. With night time goggles, torchlight and a map, we made our way to the spot where owls were known to appear.

The owls did eventually appear and my girl let out squeaks of joy as she watched them flying past or sitting by the tree giving out their famous sound.  Unfortunately, things didn’t stay that way.  At one point in our journey, there was a slope that I missed. As the three of step on it, our dog lost its footing and rolled down hard. Fortunately, my daughter and I managed to keep our balance but we couldn’t do anything to save our dog. As I saw it hit the bottom, our heart panicked but I stayed claim.

Very quickly, I made my way down the slope as I told my daughter to stay where she are. Luckily, the slope wasn’t as steep as I thought. As I reached the bottom, I reached for my dog to access the damage. He seems ok but I begin to notice his leg was hurt hurt as he wasn’t walking properly. That was when I decided to call it a night.


Thanks to dog ramp

As we make our way back to the car, I thank god that the dog can still limp as we had no strength to carry him. Upon reaching the car, I opened the car  door as usual for it to jump it but it couldn’t this time with an injured leg. My daughter and I tried to lift him to the car but it was a big dog and we had no strength. At that time, there was nobody around and I was starting to worry. Should I leave the dog here while my daughter and I went to town for help? Will it be ok without us?

All these thoughts were racing through my head until I realised I had a dog ramp at the back of my car. I had just bought it after reading recent review on the best dog ramp. I quickly set it up and the dog effortless walked on it to go in the car. As I was packing the dog ramp away, I am so glad that I bought it as it definitely save my pet from being left out in the wild at night.


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