Owl gifts for the home that would not burst your budget

owl key holder
As I started to blog about owl home decor stuff, I realise there are more folks who love owl related accessories beside me. It is surprising that I constantly get emails on where to buy the stuff that I have profiled here in my blog. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the answers as I couldn’t find the manufacturer of the things that I have profiled. In this article, I will only showcase stuff...
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Unique owl wall decals

owl wall decor 1
Wall decals can make a lot of difference to a room’s look. For example, in my article on owl bedding decor, I highlighted a case where a ceiling to follow decal makes the whole room feels ore 3D.  In this article, I am showcasing some pretty unique and interesting owl wall decal designs that you can consider for your own nursery room decor. The best thing I liked about them is that they are...
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Beautiful blue owl bedding that you need to take a look

blue owl bedding 5
One of the most commonly seen colors for owl bedding is blue. It is a lovely color to be used to decorate a nursery room. With the help of some nice owl accessories and the right color scheme, you can create a beautiful room with the blue owl bedding.   Dark blue owl bedding Dark blue owl bedding is not commonly used or seen. However, it can be perfect for a boy’s room especially if you...
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6 wonderful owl bedding decor ideas

owl bedding decor idea 1
Presented here are 6 owl bedding decor ideas for your baby girl’s bedroom or nursery. It has been almost 1.5 years since I updated this site. I had a second child which explains where all my time has been taken. Now that the second girl is a bit older, I can spend more time on my personal stuff, such as updating this website My love for all things owl has not changed. For this article, I round...
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5 essential owl baby shower ideas

owl baby shower invitation card
I got the inspration to come up with this post after attending a themed baby shower party. The theme was angry birds but I thought why not have a owl baby shower theme instead. So, I went around and come up with a list of ideas that anyone looking to create a owl themed baby shower can use.   Idea #1: Owl baby shower invites Let’s start with the baby shower invitation cards.  Simply buy...
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