6 wonderful owl bedding decor ideas

Presented here are 6 owl bedding decor ideas for your baby girl’s bedroom or nursery. It has been almost 1.5 years since I updated this site. I had a second child which explains where all my time has been taken. Now that the second girl is a bit older, I can spend more time on my personal stuff, such as updating this website :)

My love for all things owl has not changed. For this article, I round up 6 of my favorite home decor ideas using owl bedding.


Owl bedding decor idea #1

Most owl theme nursery ideas centers on a single color as it is easier to decorate. However, this image shows that you can get away with colorful decor themes if you can white or light colors as the overall color scheme.


Owl bedding decor idea #2

owl bedding decor idea 2

I like the idea of extending the picture of the tree to the floor. This creates a more 3D effect for the room and makes it more lively and fun for the child.


Owl bedding decor idea #3

owl bedding decor idea 3

Owl bedding decor idea need not be bright all the time. Here is an example of how a less colorful decor can work. The main color theme is toward ‘cold’ colors such as blue and grey, thus creating a more sophisticated feel for the room.


Owl bedding decor idea #4

owl bedding decor idea 4

Here is a unique color scheme that you don’t see often. It uses a mixture of yellow, green and white composition, layered with a orange/yellow owl bedding.


Owl bedding decor idea #5

owl bedding decor idea 5

I have mentioned previously that using owl accessories such as owl pillows, owl wall decals can add a lot of character to your decor style.  Here is another example of how using owl accessories can transformed the design from normal to outstanding.


Owl bedding decor idea #6

owl bedding decor idea 6

This is a more blue owl bedding centric theme whereby the main colors used is white and blue. The uniformity of the bedding and the rest of the owl accessories creates a very strong sense of style for the room.

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