6 Owl themed toddler bedroom ideas for 2014

My first article was on 10 inspirational ideas for owl themed nursery.Given that almost 2 years have passed, I think it is time to revisit the topic to see what new owl themed toddler bedroom ideas have sprung up. I am always excited to see a well done owl themed bedroom so I hope you will share the same excitement.


#1: Green owl theme bedroom

owl themed toddler bedroom ideas 1

I loved the use of pastel green in this toddler bedroom decor. It gives a calm and warm feeling to the entire room. Notice how the matching owl wall decor adds to the overall look and feel of the room.


#2:  Simple owl themed toddler bedroom

owl themed toddler bedroom ideas 2

The key strength of this decor is the simplicity of the design that still  mange to look great. I also liked the fact that there is also plenty of space being left open for the toddler to roam around.


#3: Self painted owl themed bedroom

owl themed toddler bedroom ideas 3

This decor idea can be copied by anyone. The homeowner self painted the entire wall and the result looks fantastic. There is no other owl accessories but the room looks great.


#4:  Owl accessories aglore!

owl themed toddler bedroom ideas 4

Here is a good example of how owl bedroom accessories can be used to great effect.  There is nothing special about the design until you start adding a nice owl crib bedding, some owl wall decals and a couple of owl toys. Very easy to implement but very effective.


#5: Owl themed bedroom for boys

owl themed toddler bedroom ideas 5

If you have a boy, this blue and white owl themed toddler bedroom will be a nice option to consider. The decor is cute but not too overly girlish.


#6: Sophisticated owl themed bedroom

owl themed toddler bedroom ideas 6


I never thought you can create a sophisticated owl themed bedroom but this image has proven me wrong. The use of a grey background and some bright colored bedding and wall decals have given this room a very modern look.

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