5 Ideas for retro owl nursery theme

I briefly mentioned a retro owl nursery theme in my article on 10 ideas for owl nursery and it seems that there are people interested in this topic as I saw them searching for it in Google and finding my site.  Before showing you some examples, here are a few nursery decorating tips that will create the retro feel for your nursery.

  • Use of polka dots: using polka dots either as your curtain design or wall decal can make a lot of difference
  • Use of retro owl designs: there are certain owl designs that gives off a retro vibe
  • Buy a retro owl bedding: buy a dark brown colored owl bedding with owls as the tile design


Below are some examples of retro nursery themes. Most are not owl related as they are really difficult to find. What you can do is to copy some of the ideas featured below and replace the items with more owl related accessories.

Retro nursery idea #1

The use of a retro wallpaper is all it needs to create a retro vibe for the room. This is one tip that should be easily copied.

Retro nursery idea #2

Use a 2 tone color for the walls as well as a vintage looking sofa makes this a very easily recognisable retro theme. The colors also make a lot of difference to affecting the looking of this vintage nursery.

Retro nursery idea #3

If you remember my earlier tip about using podka dots? Well, you can see the full effect here. There is something about podka dot that just makes the room look retro.

Retro nursery idea #4

The walnut flooring and the use of the vintage curtains transform this nursery into a classical room that reminds you of the good olden days.

Retro nursery idea #5

Beside polka dots, using stripes is also another easy way to add the retro effect to the nursery. In this example, the additional of a chandelier enhances the vintage feel.

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