5 essential owl baby shower ideas

I got the inspration to come up with this post after attending a themed baby shower party. The theme was angry birds but I thought why not have a owl baby shower theme instead. So, I went around and come up with a list of ideas that anyone looking to create a owl themed baby shower can use.


Idea #1: Owl baby shower invites

Let’s start with the baby shower invitation cards.  Simply buy some cards or envelopes with owl pictures on them, like the one shown in the image below.


Idea #2: Owl theme baby shower cake

The cake is the centre of attention of the baby shower so it makes sense to have an owl themed baby shower cake.


Idea #3: Owl baby shower favors

Besides the cake, you can also add some owl themed favors to the food section. Kids will surely love these cute and adorable owl shaped sweets.


Idea #4: Owl baby shower cupcakes

If cake is not your thing, how about usign some trendy owl cupcakes? I am sure children love to eat them and they are much easier to manage as you avoid the messiness of cutting a big cake.


Idea #5: Owl baby shower table decoration and party supplies

If you want to be more extravagant, why not have a owl tableware just for the baby shower? There are lots of owl plates, cups, decorations etc to choose from. However, the cost might be higher than normal tableware.

With the above, anybody can throw a great owl theme baby shower party!

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