3 must have owl curtains for nursery

Owl curtains can drastically improve the appearance of your owl theme nursery. Best of all, they are cheap to buy and easy to install.  The only thing you need to do is to make sure you pick the right curtains in terms of colors and texture. Make sure that you also pick a material that can be easily washed and cleaned.


Owl curtains for nursery #1

owl curtains for nursery 1


owl curtains for nursery 1-2

This beautiful piece of owl curtain design is done by Sweet Jojo Designs.  It has a nice artwork and great colors that look very good when used in a nursery setting. Best of all, it comes with other owl theme furniture such as lamp shapes, bedding, wall decals etc.  The first image above will give you an idea of how the whole nursery can look like if you buy their entire set.  Available at Amazon.


Owl curtains for nursery #2

owl curtains for nursery 2

Another alternative great design comes from American Kids Bedding. This is a purple colored owl curtains that is deocrated with cute polka dots. The material is polyester which means it can be easily washed and cleaned. It measures 42 in width and 84 in length. If you have a purple owl themed nursery, this will be the perfect owl curtains to match your decor.


Owl curtains for nursery #3

owl curtains for nursery 3

owl curtains for nursery 3-2

Your daughter will love this pink owl curtains that looks absolutely stunning when the morning sun shines through. It also partly blocks out the sun and keeps the nursery cool for the baby. This design also comes from Sweet JoJo Designs which was mentioned in the first design description.

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