9 unique owl bedding design from etsy!

Etsy is a marketplace for handmade products. At least that was its original vision. Over the years, I have seen more and more companies ‘pretending’ to be individuals and selling their stuff on Etsy. Having said that, there is still a sizable number of homemade products and I took this opportunity to explore if there is any unique owl bedding sets that can be recommended or purchased.  To my delight, there are indeed some interesting designs that I have not seen anywhere else. So, here we go with the top 9 that I found on Etsy.


#1: Unique owl bedding for adults

unique owl bedding 1

This simple but unique Owl Duvet Cover Sheet Set is a great choice for adults who want an owl themed bedroom decor. It is not too cute but still retains the owl design.


#2: Colorful owl bedding design

unique owl bedding 2

This is a very vibrant owl crib bedding that is perfect for your nursery.  While colorful, the color scheme is easy to match with many decor style in your nursery room.


#3:  Handmade owl bedding design

unique owl bedding 3

This is an unique design that makes the bedding look a lot like something your grandmother sew for you.  It is very homely and works well with a retro or vintage owl nursery decor.  The owl bedding set is for twins and is made of cotton.


#4: Green owl bedding design

unique owl bedding 4

If you want a green colored owl bedding set, try this design. According to the description, this is a custom made design that you need to order before they will manufacture it. The producer is stationed in Pennsylvanian US so if you are living in this area, you might want to pay them a personal visit before the purchase.


#5: Pink owl bedding

unique owl bedding 5

The material for this owl beddding set is made from cotton fabric, batting, filling, button, ribbon. Like #4, this is a made order service so you can specific the dimension etc. The color is very suitable for a girl’s nursery room.

#6: Wacky owl bedding design

unique owl bedding 6

This has to count for one of the most unique design I have in a owl bedding and it can only comes from Etsy.com. You can customised any of hte colors or designs to suit your style. The same design you picked can also be applied to pillows and blankets.

#7: King owl bedding

unique owl bedding 7

A darling and bold design that features a King Owl as the center piece of the bedding. This is definitely for an adult owl themed bedroom.  The material is from polyester and needs to be dry clean.


#8: Another king owl bedding

unique owl bedding 8

This design is from the same producer as #7. The design is different from the above and is for suited for a minimalist room that has the use of white color as the primary color scheme.


#9: Cute blue owl crib bedding

unique owl bedding 9

When I was covering blue owl bedding, I didn’t feature this design as I didn’t know it exists! This is a handmade piece that you can order directly from the maker itself. The design is nice and not the type commonly seen in the online stores.


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