10 cool owl accessories for the home

I have realised that creating a owl themed nursery or bedroom goes beyond buying owl bedding. From my experience, it is always the little accessories that create the extra “oomph”. When I was decorating my little girl’s nursery, I often search on Amazon just to see what cute owl acessories that I can buy to make the room extra special. Below are some of the cool stuff that I have found previously. Maybe you can use them as reference on your future purchase.

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Owl baby gift set

I didn’t buy this owl baby gift set but I thought it will make a really nice gift to someone. The packaging is gorgeous and the toys are just right for a baby. In fact, the more I looked at it, the more I want to buy it for myself!


Cute owl magnets

Which child doesn’t love magnets? My girl does and she definitely loves these cute owl magnets that I placed in her room. The magnets themselves are strong and are very well made. For only USD6 on Amazon, I can’t get a better deal than this : )


Owl shower mat

Another cool owl accessory is this cute owl shower mat that you can placed near your kid’s bathrub. It is supposed to be 100% natural i.e. no chemical is used. From the reviewers, it seems that this is indeed the case as they can’t smell any chemical from this shower mat.  The suction itself is good so that your child will not slip and fall. However, do note that one reviewer commented that it will not work as well on textured flooring.


Owl mist humidifier

You can’t get a much cuter mist humidifer than this owl humidifer.  If your house need a humidifer and you are also looking for owl accessories, then this item is no brainer. Looks wise, you can already see how cute it is. Functions wise, it is easy to fill and the mist will come up from its head.

My little daughter absolutely loves this owl design but we haven’t bought it yet. Very tempting though!


Owl salt and pepper shakers

Owl salt and pepper shakers! Need I say more? Serious though, most kids would love this as a decorative piece even if you don’t intend to use it as salt and pepper shakers.


Owl waste paper basket

Want some owl accessories for your bathroom, then this cute owl waste paper basket can be something for you. A reviewer commented that this is well made, with smooth lines and colorful prints. Overall, it is cute but not childish so it will do well whether you use it in your child’s bedroom or in the shower.  Do note that this owl waste paper basket is smaller than the usual basket so


Solar powered owl toy

I bought one of these and put in near the window where it gets exposed to the sun. My little girl likes the way this owl toy will moves its head whenever it is powered up through the solar system. Of course my girl doesn’t understand solar power. She just say that Mr Owl needs to sleep whenever it is night time as it doesn’t move. I just had to laugh!


Owl candle holder

If you are looking for candle holders, then this owl candle holder will be the perfect. It doesn’t look cheap. In fact, it looks very cute and will be great for an owl themed home.


Owl art poster

These owl art posters are cheap and adds a lot of colors and artistic feel to the room. The print itself is detailed and the colors are vibrant. It might not be suited for a nursery or other types of owl themed bedroom, this is definitely a cool owl accessory for the home.


Owl shower curtain

This is a surprise! I don’t even know they have owl shower curtains until I bumped into this.  The fabric is waterproof but not made of plastic so it doesn’t look cheap. The prints are colorful and bright. Something an owl lover will definitely love!

So, that is my recommendation of the 10 cool owl accessories for the home. If you came across other items, let me know!

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